Foreign powers have the backing of BJP’s success: Mamata

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Muhammad *

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed doubts about BJP’s success in the recently concluded public meeting elections, saying that the BJP’s success was not beyond suspicion. He was surprised by the opposition parties being defeated in different states. Besides, he claimed, there is definitely foreign power behind it.

On Saturday afternoon after the outcome of the Lok Sabha polls, he told reporters. Before that, he had a meeting with leaders to review the results and fix the party’s position. Later, the journalist said in the meeting that the party wanted to step down as Chief Minister for the disaster in the election but the proposal was not accepted by the party. As a result, he will continue to work from this post.

It is to be noted that this time, BJP’s seat has increased from 2 to 18. Not only that, in terms of legislation, the BJP is ahead in the 128 legislative assembly. In this situation, in the year 2021 assembly elections in Bengal. So the challenge is growing at grassroots level.

* Muhammad is a Student of Bhola Govt. College, Department of English BA (Hon’s), Bangladesh.


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