Half of India MP is accused in different cases including the rape!

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Muhammad *

Almost half of the 542 members of the 17th Lok Sabha election, including the rape, murder, terrorism, and more serious criminal cases.

A report from the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR), a non-profit election monitoring organization of India, has come to the fore.

A day after the announcement of the results of the Indian National Election on Thursday (May 23rd), the ADR published the report on Saturday (May 25th), according to AFP news agency. It is said that 233 people of 542 MPs have serious criminal cases against themselves, which is 43 percent of the percentage.

The ADR said, among the accused, there are 204 cases including murder, robbery against a Congress MP.

Anil Barma, the head of the election of the ADR, said that an annoying practice has been introduced in Parliament. It is harmful for democracy.

ADR said they surveyed 539 people in the Lok Sabha polls. 116 people have been sued by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the 303 candidates who have won the BJP. One of them is accused of terrorism. On the other hand, 29 of the 52 MPs elected from the Congress are named after the case.


* Muhammad is a Student of Bhola Govt. College, Department of English BA (Hon’s), Bangladesh.


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