Libya’s two rival councils agree to work together to unify power

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Libya’s two rival councils agree to work together to unify power

The two chambers agreed on Wednesday to work together to reform state institutions in an effort to unify the country, officials from rival Libyan parliamentarians said.

“The two councils agreed to work on forming a unified presidential council consisting of a president, two deputies and a prime minister to end the division,” said House member Abdul Salam Tasei.

Speakers of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of State confirmed that the two sides signed the agreement

“This project for the restructuring of the executive branch and the unification of the state institutions is a national project with a view to ending the division in the country,” the statement said

The UN mission in Libya said in a statement that the organization’s special envoy, Ghassan Salama, “listened to a summary of progress in the political talks between the two houses and received a document on the restructuring mechanism of the presidential council.”

Iraq’s Basra MPs suspend membership amid plans of renewed protests

Political and civil authorities in Iraq’s oil-rich region of Basra revealed that activists are planning  demonstrations again, in light of the suspension of parliamentary membership of a number of their lawmakers .

Activists who are widely circulating their plans for demonstrations on social media, expressed their resentment of the new cabinet’s stance toward their southern region which is unrepresented in the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi.

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