Mossad is receiving defense prize of country

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Israeli security agency Mashad is receives the country’s security prize.

The intelligence agency Mossad staff are receiving Israel’s Security prize this year. They entered into a warehouse of nuclear of Iran and brought nuclear files to their country. The prize  is given to them as recognition. The country’s officials said such information on Sunday.

Last year, it was a secret operation of Mossad detectives in Iran. They entered a warehouse of nuclear in Iran’s capital Tehran and stole files from there.

Thus, thousands of Iranian nuclear documents were taken to Israel. It has been found in the document that Iran has worked in building nuclear weapons in the past.

The committee, headed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, decides to give staff of Mossad the honorable prize.

Israel give the prize to individuals, units, or projects every year.

The committee examined all the parameters, from the risk aspect to the importance of the material obtained and the contribution it made to the security of the state.

The acquisition of the documents and files that were seized, which proved that Iran had been working to develop nuclear weapons, is thought to have factored in the Trump administration decision last year to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran.

The defense prize has been awarded annually since 1958, but due to national security interests, the winners are sometimes shrouded in secrecy.

Last year, there were three winners, including the IDF project to locate terrorist attack tunnels from the Gaza Strip, a technology that reportedly thwarted hundreds of terror attacks by identifying potential terrorists using large amounts of data.


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