The Netherlands expels Ross agents targeting the OPCW

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Dutch security services foiled a Russian plan targeting the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in April and expelled four Russian agents from the country, the Dutch defense minister said on Thursday.

Bielefeld told a press conference that a laptop computer belonging to one of the four Russians was linked to Brazil, Switzerland and Malaysia with activities in Malaysia related to the investigation of the downing of the plane that was carrying the flight AH 17 on top of Ukraine in 2014.

Earlier on Thursday, Australia and Britain accused Russia of launching cyber attacks against political and sports institutions and media companies around the world.

“The Russian army and its intelligence arm, the Russian military intelligence services, are responsible for this kind of malicious information activity,” the Australian government said in a statement.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said in a statement that “this type of behavior shows their desire to work without regard to international law or the rules in place and act with a sense of impunity and without regard to the consequences.”

“Our message is clear, that with our allies, we will reveal the attempts of Russian intelligence to undermine international stability,” Hunt said.

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