The threat of IS attacks to Kerala

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Terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) militants have planned a blast after the Lokkhodip and its surrounding area. To that end, 15 members of the IS have left for Sri Lanka to Lokkhodip. They are coming by a boat. Intelligence agencies of Indian have learned the news.

After receiving this official message from Colombo Sri Lanka’s capital, the state government of Kerala is busy scrambling. High alert was issued on the coast of the state. News NDTV.

At any moment, the IS militants’ boat could come to the coast of Kerala, the news of this is that strict monitoring of all fishing boats and ships has begun. Fishermen and ships are also advised to stay alert.

A source of police in the coast of Kerala told that the secret message from Colombo has arrived on May 23. It is day of announcement of the results of the Lok Sabha election. It has been clearly stated that in the white boat there are 15 militants of IS.

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